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Possessing an amazing ability to write songs
  in many genres, from acoustic swing folk jazz,
to roots reggae and rock, native St.Louis musician
Tom Wood brings more than 25 years of professional
experience to each live performance.

His latest album release "Things Are Different Here"
features new originals, highlighting intelligent, thought
provoking lyrics as well as stellar musicianship.
As a vocalist and guitarist, his soulful and original
live performance style exemplify this artist's excellence.

He has performed at the prestigious SXSW music conference
in Austin, and numerous Music Festivals in the Midwest.
Currently, his indie record label distributes a catalog containing
6 independent albums of original work.


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Things Are Different Here

by Tom Wood
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Concert at the focal point cultural center in Maplewood Mo. 

Live at focal point

Live at MarleyFest

Venice Café show May 3 2019. Photo credit Don Maier.

Venice Café show May 3 2019. Photo credit Don Maier.





"Things Are Different Here" and "Serve Yourself and Save"


mongomon420@gmail.com  questions, comments, suggestions




Adult and Kid's Sizes Available

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There are no current tour dates posted at this time.


The new cut is available through several online music websites. iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify.
https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomwood19 Spotify20kVfwuWFbrQNQnwMlxaAT
Cool Down Style is the first of three single releases coming to you in 2019.

UPDATE : The second single should be available through CD Baby during
late November or early December. “ How Much How Far “ is the title of the newest .
We’re looking forward to sharing new music and we greatly appreciate your support.

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Mongomon brand strives to provide a quality product through mp3 format.
Recording/ mixing/ audio mastering and then finally releasing this music is gratifying.
I am extremely honored to be able to share a creative working relationaship in the
production of mongomon music with Larry Kornfeld. Larry ( LK ) lends his technical talents
from decades of studio experience to this work.
He is a Bassist extraordinare. His audio recording approaches and ideas take my song skeleton
formats on a whirlwind ride , as we work together producing a finished song.

Song number 1 in a 3 song series of singles will be available through CD Baby
hopefully by late July 2019. “ Cool Down Style “. Roots Reggae acoustic flava.

Here’s LK with insights and musings . . .
” For me, recorded music exists a part from the technology used to record and deliver it.
Listen to a Bix Beiderbecke record from the 1920s. No matter how scratchy and primative
the sound, the musical value shines through clearly. That being said, I really like it when
a recording sounds awesome. This makes me an audiophile as well as a music lover.
Unlike video where there are standards as to such matters as color, audio
is totally unregulated. Cheap earbuds, boomy headphones, crappy speakers,
great speakers, noisy echo riddled rooms: who the hell knows what you the listener is
using to listen to music. It’s entirely possible for the end user to hear something
that is nowhere near what I produced and there is absolutely no way for me to
compensate for all of the variables.
So Why Bother?
Because > “ I want to hear the music I make with my friends sounding great according to
my personal perspective as a music lover and as an audiophile.”
This is why my final mixes are summed in the analog domain and why I capture my analog
summed mixes at high sample rates including Direct Stream Digital.
It sounds better to me than ‘ in the box. ‘ I have a wider deeper sound field to play in
and the instrument timbres are more realistic to my ears.
My tools are my own set of ears and standards and artists such as Tom Wood keep returning
to me to collaborate on music, So. . . I must be doing something right ! “


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 The photo above is from our gig at The Venice Cafe in St. Louis May 3 2019.
We had a marvelous time introducing a handful of new originals.
Don Stevenson / Larry Kornfeld / Chris Rauls providing musical
assistance during our set. The audience was enthusiastically respectful
and joined us in singing along for just the perfect ambiance in this
eclectic venue.